• What is the Bump on the top of my Big Toe Joint?

    A noticeable bump on the top of your joint of your big toe, can be caused by several conditions. Most commonly it is a result of arthritis. Arthritis can affect the joints in your foot resulting in cartilage damage, decreased range of motion, as well as a painful bone spur at the top of the joint.

    A podiatrist can take x-rays of your foot to see the cause of the bump, and if it is due to arthritis the extent of the damage can be determined. If you have a painful bump on your foot or pain with range of motion at a joint in your foot or ankle go to our website at www.toetalfootandanklecare.com or call Toe-Tal Foot & Ankle Care for more info at (817) 656-0303.

  • I can’t reach my toenails and they are thick and painful. Does my insurance cover toenail cutting?

    This is a question we receive often at our practice. As patients age, they may have trouble cutting their toenails, and naturally turn to their podiatrist for help. There are certain conditions that make it dangerous for you to cut your own toenails, such as diabetes with neuropathy, or severe circulation problems. If you have difficulty cutting your toenails, please visit our office and we will examine you and decide if you qualify as an at-risk patient. If not, we will do everything we can to develop a plan so that you, or your geriatric family member, can maintain healthy, happy feet.