Three Cheers for Foot Health

March is National Cheerleading Safety Month, and with good reason.  In fact, Cheerleading is one of the leading sports for catastrophic injuries.  However, with the proper training and safety awareness, this popular and always evolving sport can be fun and safe. Not all cheerleading injuries are career ending, and most often the injuries that occur […]

How Sports Can Affect Your Toes

Pretty much everyone is getting active these days. Whether that involves running, playing various sports, dancing, or even if your still hunting Pokémon, we take for granted the beating we put on our feet. Our feet are always there for us, so we take them for granted until something is wrong with them. Our precious […]

This One’s for the Girls: Common Foot Conditions Affecting Female Athletes

Every foot is different and holds special considerations tailored to the owner’s genetics, shoe preference, and activity level.  There are also conditions that may be more prevalent in the female athlete, and should be recognized so that proper treatment guidelines can be followed.  When a competitive female athlete visits our office, we know there are […]

Overuse Injuries in Child Athletes

Playing through pain is viewed as a badge of honor. While playing through pain may be a necessity for professionals getting compensated, amateurs and especially young athletes have no reason to put their future health at risk. With the increase in popularity of club/travel teams in various sports, young athletes are playing sports year round […]

Rio 2016: Foot Tips & Back Flips

The 2016 Summer Olympics are underway, and like many viewers, I can’t help but get excited about the start of gymnastics. The flips, turns, athleticism, and the drama of whether or not the routine will end with that perfect landing, are certainly something I look forward to each Olympic season. I still remember watching Kerri Strug land that […]