Fall Prevention

Nobody wakes up saying today is the day I’m going to fall. It’s just a built-in confidence in ourselves accrued over decades of life that our bodies won’t allow us to fall unexpectedly. We often think “a fall won’t happen to me”, and that only people older than yourself fall. The problem is falls do […]

Your Aging Feet Need Extra Care

Your feet support you every day of your life. As you age, you can imagine the number of miles that get put on those poor feet! It’s important to take care of your feet, no matter what age you are, or how old you feel, however there are extra issues that may arise as you […]

Debunking Foot Myths Part 2

Today we present to you part 2 of our debunking foot myths series. Myth: Shoe cause bunions. Reality: It’s true that certain shoes can cause a bunion to be more painful, but bunions are actually a result of your foot type. This foot type is inherited, and makes you more prone to developing a bunion. […]

Debunking Foot Myths Part 1

The month of April is “All About Feet” at Toe-Tal Foot & Ankle Care. Specifically, we focus on foot fact or fiction. This is the first of a two-part series on debunking foot myths. Myth: How you cut your toenails can cause or prevent ingrown toenails. Reality: Ingrown toenails can be caused by trauma, shoe […]

Stomp Out Skin Cancer! Your Feet Need Sunscreen Too

Malignant melanoma is a dangerous type of skin cancer, but the good news is it can be prevented and even cured if detected early. Prevention, of course, is easier than correction. As the summer sun heats up, make sure you are applying sunscreen everywhere, even your feet! Many people think that the bottoms of their […]

This is Your Feet on Cigarettes

Most will remember the 90’s PSA commercial “This is your brain on drugs.” It was a highly effective campaign to get the message out about the harmful effects of drugs on the brain. Just like drugs can be harmful to your body, cigarette smoking can have the same destructive effects on the respiratory and cardiovascular […]

Three Cheers for Foot Health

March is National Cheerleading Safety Month, and with good reason.  In fact, Cheerleading is one of the leading sports for catastrophic injuries.  However, with the proper training and safety awareness, this popular and always evolving sport can be fun and safe. Not all cheerleading injuries are career ending, and most often the injuries that occur […]

How Sports Can Affect Your Toes

Pretty much everyone is getting active these days. Whether that involves running, playing various sports, dancing, or even if your still hunting Pokémon, we take for granted the beating we put on our feet. Our feet are always there for us, so we take them for granted until something is wrong with them. Our precious […]

This One’s for the Girls: Common Foot Conditions Affecting Female Athletes

Every foot is different and holds special considerations tailored to the owner’s genetics, shoe preference, and activity level.  There are also conditions that may be more prevalent in the female athlete, and should be recognized so that proper treatment guidelines can be followed.  When a competitive female athlete visits our office, we know there are […]