Jones Fracture: Don’t let it Defeat you

A Jones fracture of the foot, just like an ACL injury to the knee, can cause fear and uncertainty to any athlete. The fracture occurs at the long bone on the outside of the foot known as the fifth metatarsal. This fracture has become widely publicized in the world of sports lately, with numerous high profile athletes suffering this fate. Most recently NBA superstar Kevin Durant and NFL all-pro wide receivers Dez Bryant and Sammy Watkins, all experienced a Jones fracture of their foot. All three required multiple surgeries to correct the ailment and missed substantial playing time.

A Jones fracture occurs at the base/proximal aspect of the fifth metatarsal. This type of foot fracture has a high propensity for non-healing due to its location and poor blood flow to the area. Surgery is often warranted due to these factors, and even when surgery is avoided the fracture takes critical time to heal properly. Immobilization, strict non-weight bearing, and time are all vital to avoiding a set-back in the healing process. Complications from a Jones fracture can lead to increased pain, difficulty walking, arthritis, non-union of the fracture site and often times require a revision surgery.

Not even super athletes can defy their bodies and rush back to competition before healing is complete. Durant, Bryant, and Watkins all had surgery to correct their foot fracture and all three returned to activity and pushed their foot to a level when it was not at 100%. As a result, all three had to miss even more time in their seasons after requiring a revision surgery. If these athletes, who we often consider super humans, cannot defeat a Jones fracture, then how can the average person expect quick results? Quite often patients are overconfident when it comes to injuries of their foot. They think it’s simply a small bone in their foot and underestimate how long it could actually take to heal.

Not every fracture in the foot is created equal. A Jones fracture in particular needs to be treated correctly. Typical healing ranges from 6-8 weeks with an intense non-weight bearing and immobilization phase with or without surgery. Our bodies can perform amazing feats in regard to healing, but we cannot forget it takes time. Don’t let a Jones fracture defeat you! If you or someone you know have suffered a similar injury, don’t hesitate to call Toe-Tal Foot & Ankle Care at (817) 656-0303 where we can ensure you receive the proper treatment.

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