Happy FALL (Prevention Day) Y’ALL!

The Fall season brings pumpkin spice and everything nice. It is also a great time to discuss an issue that can affect many of our elderly loved ones.

September 22nd is the 9th annual Falls Prevention Awareness Day. One out of every three people over age 65 will experience a fall each year. A fall can be a simple inconvenience, or can result in trauma, injury, or even death.

At Toe-Tal Foot and Ankle Care, we can help your aging family and friends, by providing them with education on proper shoe gear, stretching and strengthening exercises, and orthotics to address foot deformities and stabilization issues.

Don’t let a fall keep you from enjoying the busy upcoming season. Awareness and prevention are key to keeping your aging feet happy and healthy this Fall.

If you would like more information on how to prevent falls, or have questions about your shoes or aging feet, call our office for an appointment today.

Watauga Foot Doctor
Written by Dr. Shannon Cairns
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