Top Ten Back to School Shoe Shopping Tips

  1. Look for a stiff heel. Press on both sides of the heel counter and make sure it does not collapse.
  2. Check the toe flexibility. The shoe should bend with the motion of your child’s toes. It shouldn’t be too stiff in the toe box area.
  3. Select a shoe with a rigid arch. The shoe should never twist or collapse in the middle.
  4. Poorly fitting shoes, whether too small or too large, can cause blisters, ingrown toenails, subungual hematomas or arch and heel pain.
  5. Avoid wearing used shoes or hand-me-downs. Each child’s feet are different and can change the way the shoe fits.
  6. Let your child give their input. Every shoe fits differently and allowing them to have a say promotes healthy foot habits.
  7. Have your child walk around the store while wearing their new shoes, before you purchase. Walking can alert the child to any rubbing or pain in their feet that may not be evident from simply trying them on.
  8. Measure both feet, and purchase shoes based on the larger foot size. Most people have one foot larger than the other.
  9. Don’t rely on a “break-in” period. Shoes should fit well and be comfortable right away.
  10. If your child will be gearing up for Fall sports, don’t forget that their shoe gear is important. They may need different and/or specific shoes for each sport they play.

We would love to help your family keep their feet healthy and happy this back to school season. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s developing feet, we make sure they are wearing proper foot wear and identify and prevent potential problems. Call us for an appointment today!

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Written by Dr. Shannon Cairns
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