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From the minute you walk in our doors our mission is to make you feel like family and give you the highest quality of podiatric care.

Here at Toe-Tal Foot & Ankle Care, you will find that we are extensively trained in all aspects of the foot and ankle. We offer a conservative, holistic approach to get you back on your feet fast!

Our Podiatrists are now serving: Watauga, Fort Worth, Keller, Colleyville, Southlake, Haltom City, Saginaw, North Richland Hills, and Roanoke. Let us help you put your best foot forward!

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Drs. Daniel and Shannon Cairns met in podiatry school in Chicago, IL. They were married during their last year of school, and after graduation relocated to Miami, Florida, where they each completed a 3 year surgical residency program. 
After completion of their training, they relocated to North Texas where they had the opportunity to turn an existing podiatry practice into their own vision of Toe-Tal Foot & Ankle Care. 
The Drs. Cairns are board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Medicine, and put an emphasis on continuing education, staying updated on all of the latest and greatest foot and ankle research and techniques.
The Doctors are active members in their church and community, and when they aren’t in the office, they enjoy making memories with their three young children.
Drs. Daniel and Shannon bring an unmatched enthusiasm to their Watauga podiatry practice that certainly shines through in their time and energy that they put into every patient. 
They truly enjoy what they do and love interacting with their patients. They treat patients of all ages, and are experienced in a variety of foot and ankle procedures.
They feel blessed to be able to serve the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, and look forward to having the opportunity to see you in the office!

about us

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Ingrown Toenails

Heel Pain

Children's Foot Care

If you're experiencing pain, redness, or irritation in your toenail, it can usually be treated with a simple office procedure.

Pain in your heel be caused by many different factors and can range from mild to severe.  

We treat patients of all ages, but especially believe that kid's should never suffer from foot, ankle, or leg pain.  

Achilles tendon pain & injuries
Ankle injuries
Arthritis of the ankle, foot, and toes
Athlete's foot
Bone spurs
bunion & bunionette
complex fractures
corns & calluses
diabetic foot care
Diabetic foot infections & complications
Diabetic shoe program
Fall prevention program
flat foot
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Our Podiatrists are now serving: Watauga, Fort Worth, Keller, Colleyville, South Lake, Haltom city, Saginaw, North Richland Hills, and Roanoke.



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Many people suffer from arthritic changes in their feet and ankles as they age, or after they have suffered a traumatic injury. The pain can sometimes be debilitating and prevent you from walking, or enjoying daily activities.

It’s not true that you should just “deal with the pain”. There are many different treatment modalities that we can offer to help you feel better. Pain from arthritis is caused by inflammation in the joints. Oral anti-inflammatory medications, or steroid injections may help control this painful swelling. Braces, orthotics, and other special shoe gear can help to decrease pain by limiting the amount of motion occurring in the painful joint.

If you suffer from arthritis pain, or pain in the joints of your feet and ankles, please call us at 817-656-0303 to make an appointment.

A noticeable bump on the top of your joint of your big toe, can be caused by several conditions. Most commonly it is a result of arthritis. Arthritis can affect the joints in your foot resulting in cartilage damage, decreased range of motion, as well as a painful bone spur at the top of the joint.

A podiatrist can take x-rays of your foot to see the cause of the bump, and if it is due to arthritis the extent of the damage can be determined. If you have a painful bump on your foot or pain with range of motion at a joint in your foot or ankle go to our website at or call Toe-Tal Foot & Ankle Care for more info at (817) 656-0303.

This is a question we receive often at our practice. As patients age, they may have trouble cutting their toenails, and naturally turn to their podiatrist for help. There are certain conditions that make it dangerous for you to cut your own toenails, such as diabetes with neuropathy, or severe circulation problems. If you have difficulty cutting your toenails, please visit our office and we will examine you and decide if you qualify as an at-risk patient. If not, we will do everything we can to develop a plan so that you, or your geriatric family member, can maintain healthy, happy feet.

It’s true that recovering from foot surgery is not easy. Patients want to get back to their normal activities quickly, but rushing your recovery process can cause more pain and slower healing. To ensure that you have the least amount of post-operative pain, follow these guidelines.

In the first 3-5 days after surgery, limit your activity. Only get up to go to the bathroom, or the kitchen for a snack. If you have someone to help you with these things, that’s even better.

Set up a basket with magazines, games, and books to help entertain you while you rest. Keep your essentials nearby so you don’t have to get up.

Take the necessary time off work, especially if you have a physically demanding job.

The main cause of post-operative pain is swelling. Limit swelling by elevating your foot, using ice for 20 minutes at a time, use anti-inflammatory medication in addition to your pain medications, and limit walking around. Every time you get up, your swelling will pool at your feet causing pressure and pain.

Foot surgery does not have to be painful. Listen to your doctor and your body. Do not push yourself to recover too fast. Some swelling can last up to 3-6 months after surgery.

At Toe-Tal Foot & Ankle Care, we take a conservative approach, and always exhaust all our options before proceeding with foot surgery. If your foot pain is interfering with your quality of life, it may be time to consider surgery. Call our office at (817) 656- 0303 or visit for an appointment to discuss your options.

We have all bumped or dropped something on our toe in our lifetime. How could such a little toe hurt so much, we often ask ourselves. Regardless of the injury, if you hurt your toe don’t ignore it. First line of treatment is RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) to the affected toe/foot. Taping the injured toe to the adjacent toe to prevent motion can help with pain.

Ultimately though a podiatrist should look at your toe and get X-rays. If the toe is broken it must be treated correctly to prevent further problems with healing, walking and shoe gear. Although a toe is small, serious long lasting complications can arise if left untreated. Call Toe-Tal Foot & Ankle Care at (817) 656- 0303.

A wart is a virus that invades your skin causing thickening in that area. It may or may not be painful, but usually will be painful when you squeeze the lesion from side to side. You may be able to see small black dots throughout the thickened skin. It will usually bleed easily once shaved down in the office. Sometimes they resolve on their own, but often need to be treated with a strong topical medication. Warts can be contagious and spread to other areas of the foot or to other family members.

A callus forms due to an area of pressure. There may be a prominent bone, or area of rubbing or friction, that the thickened skin is trying to protect. If a large amount of callus builds up in one area, it can become very painful and feel like you are walking on a rock. These are usually treated by shaving them down and using padding or inserts in your shoes to decrease pressure and friction on the area.

Either of these conditions can be easily treated in the office. If you aren’t sure if you have a wart or callus, or are having foot pain of any kind, please call our office for an appointment. (817) 656- 0303.

It is always best to put ice on your sprained ankle, foot, or any other musculoskeletal injury or trauma.

Ice constricts your blood vessels and decreases swelling to the injured area, which in turn decreases pain. Heat will open the vessels and increase the amount of fluid to the area. Always remember the word RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) after a sports injury, as the first line of treatment.

If you suffer from a sports injury, visit our website at or call us for an appointment at (817) 656- 0303.

Every athlete knows the right shoe can make all the difference in their performance. Unfortunately, the wrong shoe can not only affect your performance, but hurt your feet.

Wearing the proper shoes for the sport you’re playing as well as the surface you’re on is critical for your athletic success and foot health. Ill-fitting shoes, low-top vs high-top, hard cleats vs soft cleats can contribute to foot pain.

Shopping for shoes can be a daunting task. To ensure you select the right pair for you, Toe-Tal Foot & Ankle Care is here to help. Visit our website at or call us for more info at (817) 656- 0303.

Turf toe is an injury to the big toe joint. This injury gets its name because it is common in Football players, due to the artificial grass that the sport is played on, however it can happen on any surface. The big toe joint (first metatarsal phalangeal joint) is made up of several important ligaments, tendons, and bones which are all vulnerable to injury. The big toe joint is responsible for propulsion and pivoting motions and can be injured when the joint is hyperextended. These injuries can range from a minor sprain to a more severe tear. The first line of treatment is to rest, apply ice, apply a compressive wrap, and elevate the foot. See a podiatrist as soon as possible in order to receive proper treatment so you can get back to your sport as soon as possible.

If you suffer from turf toe or any other injury to the big toe, call Toe-Tal Foot & Ankle Care, where our sports medicine foot and ankle physicians can help you right away!

An ankle sprain is one of the most common injuries in the lower extremity where one or more ligaments are injured. Typically, this occurs when you step down wrong and accidentally roll your ankle to the outside or inside. Severity of the ankle sprain depends on whether the affected ligaments are only stretched (Grade I), partially torn (Grade II), or ruptured (Grade III).

First line of treatment for an ankle sprain is:

Any ankle sprain requires prompt medical attention and diagnosis to prevent further injury and complication. If you or anyone you know suffers an ankle injury contact Toe-Tal Foot & Ankle Care at (817) 656-0303 or go to our website for more information

Growing pains, the great misnomer for foot pain in children. The fact is pain is NEVER normal in a child’s foot or ankle. Often times, pain is a warning sign for other structural or biomechanical issues. Pain can be associated with growth plate injuries, stress fractures, overuse injuries in sports, increased weight due to childhood obesity leading to increased strain on developing feet, as well as many biomechanical issues including flatfeet deformities.

If you have concerns about your child’s feet you can’t afford to wait any longer. Please contact Toe-Tal Foot & Ankle Care at (817) 656-0303 or go to our website for more information